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Carpet drying times can take different amounts to dry depending on the type of carpet fibre, local property environment, carpet use and the amount and type of traffic walking on the carpet. As a general rule of thumb though, synthetic carpets take about 2 to 3 hours to dry and wool or natural fibre carpets dry in 3 to 4 hours.

We use the best method for your particular type of carpet flooring. In most cases, it will be the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method that is used and this method is used in 99% of cases on domestic carpets by professional carpet cleaning companies. Other methods are the dry/low moisture cleaning techniques and bonnet buffing, which is used more on commercial carpet floors.

We always try to keep prices as low as possible by using discount offers and special offers. We also provide multi-room deals to keep the prices low for those customers who prefer big discount deals. Clients are always surprised and think a carpet clean will cost more than it actually does. We concentrate more on offering value for money, rather than being the cheapest on the block. Our prices are usually around mid-range but you will not find a better clean for your money!

frequently asked questions

Yes, we are usually booked up for about 2 weeks as a general rule but are busier during the summer school holidays and from October to December. We can normally book in a clean at short notice for smaller jobs like a lounge carpet clean or a staircase, so if you have a smaller project and would like it done within a week, please give us a call.

Of course yes… We have specialist chemical solutions and equipment to clean wool carpets safely. More importantly, we have the expertise and experience to clean wool carpeting. There are some natural fibre carpets that we will not clean, like sea-grass or natural coir type flooring but we can clean 95% of carpets in a domestic setting.

The type of carpets that can shrink is the Wilton’s, especially the man-made synthetic fibre Wilton carpets made from polypropylene. These can shrink with over-wetting but can also be re-stretched back on to the grippers in most cases. We have never had a case of shrinkage and have the experience to clean theses types of carpets.


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